Wekerle Major, in the heart of Hungary, is a happy place for humans and horses alike. Just over half an hour south along the M5 motorway from the centre of Budapest – and less than 25 minutes from Budapest Ferihegy international airport – Wekerle-Major offers relaxation, tranquillity and a wide variety of equestrian facilities and entertainment programs.

In the spacious park surrounding the Wekerle Castle, you and your horse can make the most of the beautiful Hungarian countryside. You can even enjoy breakfast overlooking your horses happily grazing in the lush meadow below.

Those who like to break a sweat in their spare time can take advantage of the 80 metre by 80 metre sand arena, the 100 metre by 20 metre grass track and the obstacle course for all standards of rider. A trials course has also been built around the nearby pastures. Beyond the Wekerle Major gates, the rolling Gödöllő Hills are ideal for excursions and tours while the sandy tracks criss-crossing the 10 square kilometre Vacsas woodland area make superb galloping country.

The geographical centre of Budapest is just 7 kilometres away, while the city of Kecskemét, some 50 kilometres to the south, can be reached on horseback without setting hoof on a surfaced road.

If you wish to see more of Hungary or discover something different, we can also organize hunting excursions, visits to the Ceglédbercel thermal baths, tours of Budapest and Kecskemét, and even use of the nearby motocross track.